Selection and PRICING

Character, not looks, should be your priority!


So why bother to breed unusual colors?

Because these colours exisit and we have special boys and girls which already carry these colours. 

We also  strongly believe everyone should have the choice, just like you can choose to have an unusual colour on your brand new car, though for extra cost, this does not make that car drive or last longer. 

Colour is just that, it is something perceived as special in the eye of the beholder only and is personal choice.


We  know from considerable experience of 30 years breeding dogs, how important successful matching of puppies characters is to human individuals and families, so, we are prepared and HAPPY to LOSE money to ensure that you have the best dog possible, which 

is most compatible for your own character and lifestyle.   

Some aspects of a puppy’s temperament can be changed through training, development and socialization experiences but other traits are stabilized before a puppy goes to its first home.   

Puppies should be matched to homes that either want or can manage its stable traits.  

Then owners can focus their efforts on changing the tweak-able ones that are important to them.   

All decisions are made using similar protocols to AVIDOG Puppy Evaluation Test (APET)  please click on link for more information. 

IF you stipulate and are adamant, that you MUST have a Specific Coloured puppy and will not work with us to match you with a puppy  with a suitable character - 

Please be aware that it is highly likely you will be required to pay a higher price as stated below.

  1.  If, after placing a deposit for ANY colour and/or gender pup, you then start to stipulate that a puppy has to be a certain colour and it is, in our opinion, an unsuitable character and are unwilling to change,  and/or,  you do not visit us to meet the puppies to ensure  compatibility of character to your requirements,  your deposit will definitely be forfeit and non-transferable.  
  2.  Persons living over 3 hours away may under special situations, be exempt from visiting us, but will still not be allowed to change from agreed selection process.  
  3. Alternatively,  you may,  if the breeder agrees,  pay the extra, for your specific choice, provided it has NOT already been allocated, 
  4. Though we will still be there to help you,  if the puppies character is, by our experience, unsuitable for you, it is more than likely that you will  have a more difficult life journey ahead with your new family member.

The Total Purchase Price per colour, can be seen in the table below:

Work with us AND save money whilst still finding the PERFECT puppy to suit your requirements.


Price Structure

Complete application process before sending deposit


One more step folks - have you checked the Contract you will be expected to agree to?

Once you have checked the contract and are happy,

please Complete the application form  (link can be found below) 

for more information and our review process. 

Look Forward to meeting you and your Family

We will contact you to make an appointment as soon as we can after we receive your successful application.
Please do not place a deposit until you have received our confirmation that we accept you as one of our special owners. 



Place your deposit NOW

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Please do NOT place a deposit until you have received 

the written go-ahead from me, that your application for a Border Colloodle has been accepted. 

The non-refundable deposit will guarantee (subject to T&C) you a suitable puppy, based on character, from the next available litter or can be transferred to any of our litters (within one year) at the price structure set out in the table on our contract page (T & C)

This is a non-refundable deposit but if for some reason there is not a suitable puppy available, then we are very happy to transfer the deposit to the next litter, or if for some reason, we, the breeder, are unable to breed and offer you a puppy from a litter of suitable puppies within one calendar year, we will return your deposit, unless WE BOTH otherwise agree in writing.  

Placing a deposit basically guarantee's:- 

  • at least one suitable puppy by character, is available for you, from an agreed litter. 
  • That we will produce a puppy of suitable character for you within a 12 month period, (from the time the deposit is placed)
  • The deposit is also """subject to the 8 week old puppies character being suited to your level of canine experience and lifestyle requirements."""" 

This means, that when, I, as the Breeder, finally meets you face to face, I also have the right to say:-  

"SORRY, I believe that you are not suited to having one of my puppies"  

in which case I will gladly refund the deposit in full.

  • The deposit is taken for many reasons, 
  • to ensure you are committed to your new addition, 
  • to ensure you will not waste our time, 
  • to cover re-advertising and other costs if you do not take a puppy. 

But most important of all, our deposit and waiting list, help us base future mating decisions and resulting litters on orders placed with us well in advance.  

We bring these babies into the world based on prospective orders and enquirers. 

Help us to plan so we can produce the best possible puppies for your family. 

If you have already placed your deposit before visiting us, and on your visit, you are genuinely not happy with the welfare of our animals, we will gladly refund your deposit, provided you email us your concerns, stating clearly what you are unhappy with.  

We ask for this request in writing as we strive to do the best for our dogs and will therefore take constructive criticism to heart, and where possible, using appropriate advice from qualified professionals, we will use this to continue to improve and adapt our program accordingly.  

If you do not visit us by the time the pup is 8 weeks old, your deposit is forfeit, unless mutually agreed or changed by the breeder in writing.  (3 hours "google maps" drive or more away exemption confirmed in writing). 

The pup will then be offered to the next suitable person.

Go to the Puppy Contract page for Price Structure and Full Terms and Conditions. 

We trust that everything is crystal clear and we are all well prepared and look forward to your family joining our extended canine family.

Should you have any questions please feel free to ask us.