Puppy Contract and guidance

We have an application process

Before you complete our See our Puppy Sale Contracts at the bottom and you can download them too.  

APPLICATION FORM for more information and to register your interest to purchase our special puppies. 

Puppy Information and Download Contract (see below)

What do we provide and do?

Puppies are born and reared in my busy house. 

They are de-wormed every 2 weeks.

From 3 - 4 weeks of age they are started on a high quality Human grade, 

raw natural diet of mince from various species (lamb, beef, turkey, chicken, tripe etc) and Lidl’s full fat yogurt.
at between 5.5 and 6 weeks old they are given smashed up RAW chicken Carcasses

 to simulate what the mother would do by chewing, swallowing and then regurgitating for her pups, 

at about 6 weeks, we also offer a 60 to 80% meat kibble 

(we don’t like this, but we know some folks don’t like the idea of feeding a natural product like raw meaty bones),
The pups are vet checked at 8 weeks just before you collect them.
The pup will be Titre tested at 7.5 weeks to assess their immunity to Parvo, Distemper and Infectious Hepatitis, this Titre level will offer a guide as to when the puppies will require their first vaccinations and will hopefully allow you to take your puppy out and about, with reduced risk, much sooner than normal.  
They are microchipped,
They come with a pedigree of each parent.
4 weeks free insurance,
sufficient food to last four days,

 and something that smells of Mum and siblings.
Extensive Puppy Instructions Manual including links to training website and videos.

Please note all my puppies come with a puppy contract of sale and are NOT sold for breeding.

We have a lifetime commitment to our puppies and will always, if asked politely, provide you with FREE, full after sales advice and support.
However, you must inform us if there are any health or training issues with your puppy.
We cannot help or improve if you keep us in the dark. 

Also our puppies MUST be returned to us, if you can no longer keep them, as we like to know where our puppies are!!
A Guarantee that I will take back your puppy/adult dog, for re-homing if you can no longer keep it, regardless of age, circumstances, there will be no compensation given after the first 7 days.  
Please note that we cannot guarantee (nobody can) if this pup will by Hypoallergenic (not trigger allergy reactions).  

But we are happy to take the puppy back if you are purchasing it because of the potential to be hypoallergenic and it still triggers allergic reactions, in this instance alone, the full purchase price refund if you return the dog in good mental and physical health within 14 days. (see the puppy contract for more details on this).

See our Puppy Sale Contract below 

Before you complete our APPLICATION FORM for more information and to register your interest. 

Download Puppy Contract

To protect the owner and the breeder it is recommended by the Kennel Club, the RSPCA and the Dogs Trust to have a written contract

We also have our own more appropriate puppy contract, to protect the dog itself, which you will also be required to sign prior to taking your puppy home. 

Please read it now.  

Do not place deposit until you have read this agreement. 

Also included in the downloads below is our Breeders License.

The following downloads are one of the many reasons I started breeding Border Colloodles, to provide top quality designer cross breed to meet market demands.
See the page "WHY Border Colloodles" for all the other many reasons.

  • A very interesting report on Licensed Dog Breeders in the UK by the Battersea Dog Home 
  • Also the RSPCA report on  The trade in puppies: problems and solutions 

Click on files below to read and download.
If  you are interested in purchasing a Border colloodle you will need to complete our puppy application form on Book a puppy page