Suzie X Bono


Quiet and calm nature, willing to please. 

Though Suzie wakes up at the first inkling that there is work to be done on sheep.

She is easy to live with,  

just like her father Astra Dale, 

grandfather Astra Tay, 

Great Grandfather Astra Tweed 

she has a good "off switch" 

So we hope her babies will have the same relaxed nature.

DNA normal by parentage for




and hip scored. 

Puppies Born on 6th October 2017

Suzie Whelped on the 6th October.

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2 x Black and white males

2 x Red (Chocolate) and white Females

1 x Red (Chocolate) and tan (Phantom) MALE

This litter is SOLD.

We already have deposits for the whole litter and a waiting list for the next litter.

We are just about to mate another bitch so please do not hesitate to apply and make sure you are in line for one of our special puppies. 

To apply for one of our sort after puppies please complete our application process.


 Stunning wonderful bouncy friendly nature, 

BONO is KC registered, 

approx. 15 inches high.  

He is an active companion to a family. 

He is clever with a super friendly nature.

This will be his second litter for us.  See the Lacey x Bono litter to get an idea of what his pups look like.  (there are stacks of photos and video of them growing up)


  •  DNA tested normal for vWD type 1,
  • Malignant Hyperthermia, 
  • PRA-prcd

His is not our dog, so therefore does not live with us. 

He lives in Birmingham. 

Once you have been accepted as an owner and placed a deposit

you are welcome to contact Bono's parents and arrange a visit to meet him.

See his photo album 

Lacey is a Blue merle tricolour


Blue Merle, medium coated tricolour, ISDS registered.

ALL Lacey's pups are SOLD

  • DNA normal by parentage for CEA 
  • DNA normal by parentage for IGS
  • DNA normal by parentage for TNS

Parents and some grandparents have been hip scored.

Lacy is a young bitch born in early 2016, she is in training to become a sheepdog, 

she told us that she needed a rest from training, 

and wanted to be in the house with us, near her Mum, Silk (who also has pups all, sold by 2 weeks of age).  
Border Collies are working dogs, they are NOT pets, and do best when they have an official job to do.
All our pups are born and reared in our home, not in a Kennel, 

and therefore allowing Lacey to have a litter, gave us an excuse to bring her back into the house. 

All our potential sheepdogs spend the first 7 to 8 months in our home, before full times training begins. 

 with a job to do, having a litter of small pups, 

Colloodles are smaller than border collies so the drain on her will be far less

than a pure bred litter of pups would be.

Now that the pups are five weeks old, Lacy is again ultra keen to get back to sheep work, as rearing pups can be very boring to a first time mum compared to working sheep.  She will finish her training during the winter months.

Lacey has a super laid back nature, very sweet easy going.

 But when she works sheep she is all business.
Lace has the honor to be our first

 Border Colloodle Mum


Born on the 29th May 2017

All SOLD by 8 weeks.

See the SEVEN super special puppies.

  • one classic black female,
  •  2 classic choc females, 
  • one blue merle male,  
  • 2 red merle males, 
  • 1 very dark choc male, 
  • All have the tricolour markings found in the Border Collie

Scroll Down to see Lacey's photo album 


BONO KC registered Miniature Poodle

Stunning wonderful bouncy friendly nature, 

BONO is KC registered, approx. 15 inches high.  

He is an active companion to a family. 

His is not our dog so therefore does not live with us. 

He is clever  with a super friendly nature. 

  •  DNA tested normal for vWD type 1,
  • Malignant Hyperthermia, 
  • PRA-prcd

See his photo album at the bottom of the page.

Our selected parents are health tested for the specific diseases for their breed and a few others to boot common to all dog breeds.  You will get this information only on complete submission of our application form.