"SHAMWARI Family Friends" Border Colloodles are a border collie x poodle

Hyperallogenic the real truth


What Comes with your Puppy?

 You may collect your pup at 8 weeks of age, he/she will come with a food parcel, a comfort blanket, a vet certificate to confirm that they have seen the pup and its siblings and certified them as healthy to travel and not suffering from any congenital defects.  

The pups will be regularly dewormed, the mother fully vaccinated and up to date, and the pup will be Titre tested at 7.5 weeks to assess their immunity to Parvo, Distemper and Infectious Hepatitis, this Titre level will offer a guide as to when the puppies will require their first vaccinations and will hopefully allow you to take your puppy out and about, with reduced risk, much sooner than normal.     

Four weeks FREE insurance

Puppy Instruction Manual

The all important Health Test Certificates of both Parents

Please note that we cannot guarantee (nobody can) if this pup will by Hypoallergenic (not trigger allergy reactions).  

But we are happy to take the puppy back if you are purchasing it because of the potential to be hypoallergenic and it still triggers allergic reactions, in this instance alone, the full purchase price refund if you return the dog in good mental and physical health within 14 days (see below for more information on Allergies).  

A Guarantee that I will take back your puppy/adult dog, for re-homing if you can no longer keep it, regardless of age, circumstances, there will be no compensation given after the first 7 days (compensation will be dependent on  the return of  the puppy/dog in good mental and physical health.  If in doubt this will be established by a veterinary surgeon.



NOBODY can breed a dog which is guaranteed to be completely Hypoallergenic.

The reason for this is simple - it is NOT the hair which causes the problem but the dander.  
There is a myth that pet allergies are triggered by animal hair, but they are actually caused by a protein found in pet skin (or dander), saliva and urine. Some dog breeds are labeled “hypoallergenic”, as they shed less, but no dog is 100% hypoallergenic—even hairless dogs still have some allergen. 

Each animal is different, and a particular pet allergy sufferer may do better with one breed than another.  

We highly suggest that BEFORE you purchase you new puppy, if you are in any doubt about allergies (especially if you are an Asthma sufferer) you should have tests carried out and then desensitization so that you have more chance of living comfortably with your new friend. 

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More About Allergies

Some science behind the Allergies to Dog DANDER

 """"" Probably the most dramatic change in understanding the relationships between pet exposure and pet allergy is the realization that pet exposure involves more than just exposure to the allergens shed by the pet 43. Multiple studies have shown that early life exposure to pets and to farm animals is associated with a reduced risk of subsequent allergic disease 4446  """"""

Dog allergen levels in homes with hypoallergenic compared with nonhypoallergenic dogs

Symptoms and testing for confirmation of Dander Allergy 

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Hypoallergenic dogs do not exist