"SHAMWARI Family Friends" Border Colloodles are a border collie x poodle

COVID 19 - collection in not allowed - LAW

You can still buy a puppy BUT -------there are restrictions

If you are buying from an unlicensed breeder (not a business), you should only have your puppy delivered by a licensed pet transporter.

If purchasing from a LICENSED breeder you can also opt to have the puppy delivered by the breeders themselves as they are a recognised business and allowed to travel for work purposes.

Information re puppies and Covid 19

Difficult and busy times ahead for Dog Breeders

Since the Lockdown orders were put in place in March 2020, we have been inundated with requests for puppies and even for foster dogs and older dogs.  (Yes, occasionally we do have older border collie bitches looking for homes).

In 30 years of professional breeding I have NEVER known such demand for puppies. 


Have you applied through our website?  14th May 2020 = 

NOTICE - SORRY, SORRY - We still CAN't KEEP UP.  please see instructions on our application form

Please do not phone, Text or whatsapp.

ALL OUR current and NEXT to be BORN litters are fully booked with deposits. 

We are only taking applications now for puppies which MAY be ready in September or later. 

This situation is both frustrating and very worrying for many caring breeders.

Lockdown is a wonderful time to get a new puppy as you have loads of time to spend with them, unfortunately, on the other hand, when lock down ends, WHAT is going to happen to all those puppies?

I have to ensure that your lifestyle will not be adversely affected and unsuitable for the puppy (adolescent dog) when life starts to return to some recognisable routine of going to work in an office again.

For me, my life here has not changed much, we live on a smallholding and have sheep and the dogs so live goes on regardless.  however, I have not been able to keep up with answering emails, text, Whatsapp's, Facebook messages etc. 

I am so behind, I can only apologize and make people aware that 


We do not have puppies available to go to new homes until the 22nd June 2020 (Standard size), we expect these puppies to sell out in days (given that I have to assess applicants first and confirm with those who have already placed deposits).  

Our next litter is definitely on its way, due to be born around the 21st May these will be Mini/toy size. 

We are waiting for other girls to come into season, we cannot magic puppies out of thin air, and litter plans have to be carefully made and nature willing, so hopefully another mini/toy litter will be born, at the soonest, in around 90 days time, god willing.   

Please contact us if you specifically want a Standard size (be prepared to place a deposit), we may plan an additional Standard litter at the end of the year.

I will be contacting everyone asap who has enquired, with a standard email reply, please be ready to respond.   Please check your spam folder.

Please note that I will be looking for homes which exhibit a great deal of thought has gone into having a Colloodle and giving them a great active life. 

If you do not get a response from me, please do not despair, we are planning more litters (our average years breedings NOT more), if you are prepared to wait I am sure we will be able to match you with your next best Shamwari Friend before the end of the year. 

EMAILS our our preferred method of communication so please send us EMAIL reminders rather than text or whatsapp.

Please only use the contact form below in emergency, or a polite prompt for information ONCE you have already completed our application form on the Book a Puppy PAGE

 If you are not ready for a Colloodle now and are prepared to wait, we have already started a waiting list (some deposits accepted) for the next planned litters which should be ready at the end of June and July with pups planned for being ready in Early September.

Please do not apply now, unless you are prepared to WAIT until at least August/September or even later for your next Shamwari (Friend).  You may be lucky to get a puppy sooner but only if you are on our deposit list. 

LAST but not LEAST - Until you have been accepted as a potential owner = PLEASE do not phone us, text, Whatsapp or Messenger – our preferred communication method is by EMAILS - please use the reply button so all conversations can be tracked so as not to loose important information. 

We are very busy people, spending as little time in the office as possible, and do not like to be interrupted whilst we are outside taking CARE of our dogs, puppies and sheep.


Contact Us

Only use this form as reminder or emergency, once you have applied from the BOOK A PUPPY PAGE

PREFERRED contact method is EMAIL please

We love our owners and potential owners, but are real busy looking after our animals and prefer you to email us. 

 It is very difficult to keep track of all the methods of communication and know what has been said so please prefer to communicate via EMAILS only, use the repl. 

We will not communicate with anyone who has not already completed our application form.  

Promise that we will respond as soon as we have a spare minute.

Text only to prompt us politely. 

please do NOT CALL


SHAWARI Border Colloodles

Shipton, Much Wenlock, TF13 6 QW

Text or whatsapp only to 07538433625



By Appointment


By Appointment


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By Appointment

Due to Covid 19 we are unable to invite you to visit our home to meet the puppies. 

Video and photo's will be provided so you can keep up to date with each litter growing up.

We are very busy and work very long hours with the animals.

It is very difficult to keep track of all the methods of communication and know what has been said so please prefer to communicate via EMAILS only.
We will not communicate with anyone who has not already completed our application form