"SHAMWARI Family Friends" Border Colloodles are a border collie x poodle

Briar x Panda litter,


Due to be Born: 21st May 2020

Due to be Born: 21st May 2020



Tricolor rough and curly coated border collie

Registered with the ISDS, her sire is an International Champion so some of the best blood available.

This is her second litter.  her first was a pure border collie and we have retained two girls for sheepdog training.

Briar herself is a better pet than she is a sheepdog. We "rescued" her from Ireland from a trainer as she would not work sheep showing no interest.

She now shows enough interest to start her training but she will never make a reliable sheepdog. 

She is very easy to have around, polite, well behaved,  quick to learn, 

she gets on well with everyone.

Briar is certified NORMAL for





GG Glaucoma



Briar will be looking for a forever home once she has weaned this litter of puppies.

Due to be Born: 21st May 2020

Due to be Born: 21st May 2020

Due to be Born: 21st May 2020



These pups are likely to be between 13 inches and 18 inches high when adults. 

But is it impossible to be absolutely certain as some have short legs which will make them smaller than a Miniature cross.  

The short legs will not be clearly evident until around 5 weeks of age.  

shorter legs will mean much smaller adult dogs (like jack russells, corgi etc.)

ALL OUR PUPS are whelped and reared inside our house. 

Are you an active home, willing to train your new pup to be the best dog possible? 


14th May 2020 = 

This litter has all been SOLD, 

If you have placed a deposit, you are in line for this litter or the first following one. 

However, if you have already applied but did not get a ZOOM invitation and invite to place a deposit. 

please be assured that we will contact you in the next few weeks, for placement on the list for our next planned Miniature and/or Toy size litter. 

We are so very very, SORRY 

- We just  CAN'T KEEP UP.  

please see instructions on our application form

Please do not phone, Text or whatsapp.

We are only taking NEW applications for puppies which at the soonest, MAY be ready in DECEMBER or later. 

But please note we already do have some deposits for the litter ready in September, the date of deposit really counts to establish who is first in line in a dispute, but does not replace our puppy matching protocols

We do not want to produce more puppies than there are people wanting them. 

We keep a waiting list (with deposits) to help us plan our next litters. 

Deposits help us to provide you with suitable pups and enable you to plan properly too.

Please do not hesitate to apply and make sure you are in line for one of our special puppies. 

To apply for one of our sort after puppies please complete

Our waiting list is NOW CLOSED until further notice. 

If you are willing to wait until December time then take your chance to apply but you may well NOT get an reply, sorry but we are humans.


Due to be Born: 21st May 2020



Panda's second litter.  

Panda is a "toy" poodle, he measures just 11" high

 but he does have short legs (like a Jack Russel).  

Some of his pups have these short legs so will also be very small when fully grown.

Panda is highly trainable with an outstanding fun nature. 

He loves to play with humans, puppies and other dogs.

He is not scared of anything and is a clown to boot.

Panda lives with us in our home and keeps us much amused. 

He is of course available for our visitors to meet.

He is very clever  with a super friendly nature. 

Panda comes from the USA and has a pedigree a mile long.

DNA tested normal for

  • PRA-prcdv
  • WD type 1,

and is DNA normal by parentage for 

  • Malignant Hyperthermia, 
  • GM2 Gangliosidosis
  • Osteochondrodysplasia

Panda is clear for 160 different diseases 

including CEA, as tested by EMBARK

See his photo/video album HERE