Choosing your next Family Member!

Very Important - We have an Application Process!

Complete our application form FIRST please. 

Once you have passed this very simple and friendly interrogation, you will most likely be invited to visit our home, and then by mutual agreement, we invite you to Book a puppy by placing a deposit.

It is rare that we will have a suitable puppy for you "off the shelve" so to speak, 

it is highly recommended to take your time in selecting the puppy who will be a part of your family for as long as 10 to 15 years. 

We then have a very special Puppy Selection process which has evolved  & developed from vast experience, over 30 years of breeding dogs.

It is rare for us to be able to select our brother and sisters, but we are responsible for selecting our mates (Husbands and Wives, girlfriends and boyfriends etc), how many of us get it right? 

not enough?
Humans are hot wired to select on aesthetics, pretty, handsome, stunning etc. all at first glance, when initial attraction wears away and we get to know our partners how often does the relationship last?

If we humans are not compatible, by character and lifestyle needs, most relationships breakdown simply because we can't or won't work on the issues surrounding character. 

Relationships between Humans and Canines are no different, 

If we struggle to accept and work with the dogs base character and any resulting temperament issues we will find it hard to train the dog to be a suitable pet let alone a working companion.

So, as a forward thinking proactive breeder with 30 years experience, we can help you prevent a great deal of these relationship problems with your next Canine partner.  

Keep reading to find out how.

Buying a puppy, even as an active Companion/Pet, should not ever be an easy process. 

You should never select with emotions and heart.

It is a decision which will effect your entire life from the moment you take your little treasure home. 

It should not be made using personal emotions to buy a pretty eye catching pup of specific coat and colour, since living with the wrong character (too laid back or too lively, too clever etc)

 is much harder to live with than an ugly pup.

Basing your choices on pure simple "Common Sense" coupled with a great deal of research into your chosen breeder and what they have to offer you and your puppy for  the pups entire life, 

will go a long way to ensuring success with your future family member. 

Excellent, Professional, Conscientious and Responsible Breeders who genuinely CARE will require you to meet their selection criteria, 

You want the best Breeder just like we want the best Owners. 

 Your pup has a life expectancy of up to 15 years, so choose your breeder carefully, the breeder should be knowledgeable about modern rearing methods and the prevention of health issues,  

These days, breeders (and you too)  have no excuse since we all have access, via the INTERNET, to learn and keep up to date with Scientific tools, and Amazing education opportunities at competitive prices (even FREE) on 

  • Genetics, 
  • Breeding and Rearing practices 
  • Health issues. 
  • DNA health testing,  
  • Epigenetic (possible hereditary issues controlled by the Environment), 
  • Health recording Databases,  

all of which are proven to help forward thinking breeders reduce any health and temperament issues in their puppies. 

Even the Border Colloodle (still a Mixed or Cross Breed also known as a designer dog breed)  is no exception to benefiting from the above high criteria. 

Additionally, Janet Beale offers puppies who have undergone  extraordinarily good socialization and rearing techniques such as the programs taught by AVIDOG and Puppy Culture  which are based on modern scientific findings.  

We also give out our Puppy Instruction Manual (PIM) which provides you with links to many recent advances in training techniques, especially those using positive balanced methods.

All of this care and attention to detail, helps to reduce the chance of things going wrong.  

So when a Border colloodle is purchased from us, this valuable, very priceless expertise and extra's, will be your added LUCK, to help you achieve a long successful relationship with your new family member.     

Find your Families Shining Star !

Take your time, 

do your research, 

wait for that special puppy

whose character, breeding and professional rearing techniques, provide him/her the best chance for becoming your Soulmate and Shining Star. 



Character assessment is the ONLY sensible way!

but of course, for this to really work, you should MEET OUR dogs and us and most importantly, our PUPPIES.


If you are interested, whilst making your initial application process  (if there is a litter available) we ask you to select as many puppies  you see in the litter, that you like, in ORDER of preference, this gives us a guide on how your human instinct for "mate selection" works. 


We know from considerable experience of breeding dogs for 30 years, how important finding a pup of suitable character which closely matches, both the puppies and humans needs, to enable a high chance for a successful relationship.

Most dogs end up in rescue because of character issues which are not compatible with the owners lifestyle or experience and/or willingness to work on teaching the puppy to be a better dog. 

Therefore we are prepared and HAPPY to LOSE money to ensure that you have the most compatible dog for your own character and lifestyle to reduce the chance of you and your dog being unhappy. (we also want you to bring the dog back if something goes wrong)

Some aspects of a puppy’s character and temperament can be changed through training, development and socialization experiences but other traits are stabilized before a puppy goes to its first home. 

Puppies should be matched to homes that either want or can manage its stable traits. 

Then owners can focus their efforts on changing the tweakable ones that are important to them.   

All decisions are made using similar protocols to AVIDOG Puppy Evaluation Test (APET) 

You may change your selection of preferences for puppies (usually three pups in order of preference) at any time, as new photo’s and video are placed on the site.  

Final Selection of puppies will take place at around 7 - 8 weeks of age (just before the pups are ready to leave my home) and once the puppy’s character it more definitely established, we will discuss our recommendations together with your preferences on looks, with you, before making final selections.

If our list is full at 7 weeks of age, selection Preference is given to owners wanting a service dog, performance sports dog, and then to active pet owners. 

Please note that we will not invite you to our HOME 

unless you have completed the initial application process.

VISIT US as soon as possible!


Visit us SOON, check us out, meet our Dogs and play with puppies.

It is the most sensible thing, visit and meet the breeder, the parents (not always possible with the stud dog), and of course the puppies.

This meeting allows us all to assess character traits in both human and dogs.

Our adult dogs are used to meeting strangers and help us in this process too. 

Did you know that some dogs and puppies will not approach some types of people?

We, humans are the same, often an invisible aura is felt which makes our skin crawl, dogs get this too, and if you happen to choose that particular pup from a photograph or a video and set your mind on having nothing else. Your life may well end up being a battle of wills with that pup if you take him home.

We try to prevent that from happening.

occasionally, we know it is not possible for people to visit and we have had a great deal of success helping match even in those circumstances.

Whatever you do folks NEVER choose your pup based solely on its looks. 

Get the breeders advice on character assessment too.

Please note that we will not invite you to our HOME 

unless you have completed the initial application process.

Find a Breeder who CARES!


Big Family

  Puppies are important to us and part of our very big family.  

We are looking for very special owners - dedicated people who will care for our pups as members of their family.  

We know that these special people will appreciate the care and attention we place into our application process, but more especially will value the work we place into our puppies and their mothers who are working sheepdogs, or at the least in training to become sheepdogs.  

We know that you and your puppy may need help and advice through it's life so we guarantee to be available within office hours, for FREE Email and Telephone help and advice with every puppy purchased from us. 

Shortly before you collect your pup, you will receive a very detailed  

Puppy Instruction Manual (PIM) giving links to training and welfare advice.

 It is from, many long years, of experience that our application process has been developed, and through this process we have found our puppies the most wonderful owners that any breeder could wish for their babies. 


Protection for ALL!

  The Kennel Club, RSPCA and the Dogs Trust recommend the issue of a puppy contract, unfortunately, 98% of all puppies are purchased without the issue of a written contract in the UK,  

this is STUPID as neither party knows 100% what to expect, nor are they fully protected and when problems arise (just like us humans, animals are subject to physical and mental changes on a minute to minute basis) the lack of clarity can cause major problems out of even the smallest often hidden consequence. 

please read our PUPPY CONTRACT page and download the contracts  BEFORE contacting us,      


Are you Special!

  Our Application Process: 

We like to know who we are talking to and then allowing onto our property (where we live) We want to ensure complete trace-ability of where our puppies go and for what reasons that they are being purchased for. 


I'm hiring a whole board of directors here! 

I should have sprung for the recruitment company to do the initial screening of candidates... . 

Qualified applicants are encouraged to contact us for this unique opportunity to manage a very exciting development project with great potential from the start.           (clean slate pup with huge potential for joy, pleasure and but also purposeful destruction) 

Please be advised that your social media presence will be scrutinized, your criminal records will be pulled, drug tests may be administered and your references will be contacted. 

Should you not have any, we'll find them. Oh yes, we always find them, muahahahaha!

 We are looking for proactive, persistent, polite, positive and honest owners who are focused on our dreams of a dog which is healthy and as near as perfect to be an Active Family PET.  

WE have an application process for a reason:-

 You want the best breeder to provide the best puppy and we want the best owners. 

We are looking for you! """""""""

  If you are unable for whatever reason to complete or send us this form, you should contact us personally, or even better get a member of your family or a friend to help you.  APPLY NOW "click the words apply now! to open the application form"  

Our Application Process


"click the words apply now! to open the application form"

You will know the form has sent because you will see on screen notification and you will also receive an email (do not reply to this).

Once the form has submitted, you must check your Spam email folder or you may not find our replies.

We try to reply by email, within 48 hours.

Once you get our detailed reply (not the auto-reply)  

 We need you to respond to that email indicating you would like to know even more, ask your questions please , and you can ask for an appointment too so please offer a selections of dates and times that your are available to visit our center.  
We will then respond again by perhaps calling you for a brief chat to confirm initial suitability by phone, Skype.
We will then invite you to visit our home at the one of the dates you have proposed.


Please follow these guidelines:- 

  1. We love everyone to visit our Centre to check out our dogs and puppies, and of course so we can meet you.
  2. Be persistent and consistent (these are fantastically good traits in a dog trainer/owner, even human parenting) - we are very busy people and prefer to give the majority of time to our dogs and sheep as we believe that people can and should look out for themselves.  
  3. Be proactive and don't rely on us to keep in touch with you. 
  4. Demonstrate that you have read and will abide by our own requirements of you, as an owner or one of our puppies - 
  5. We are entrusting one of our "children" into your care. 
  6. Please read carefully below.
  7. Acceptance. (We reserve the right to refuse the opportunity of owning one of our Border Colloodles, giving no reason.  If a deposit has been taken and it is our decision to cancel the sale, we will refund your full deposit)
  8. Place a deposit (non refundable) to secure a puppy.  - See below
  9. Accept and Complete our Contracts
  10. Pay in full. (Your puppy will not be allowed to leave our premises until full payment has been received for both purchase and shipping costs.)
  11. Your puppy is ready to be collected (unless otherwise agreed in writing) when it is 8 weeks old.
  12. You agree to collect your puppy at 8 weeks of age.
  13. If you do not collect your puppy at 8 weeks of age we reserve the right to charge you additional expenses occurred during the puppies extended stay - this will include training fees.
  14. Collect your puppy or have your puppy delivered.
  15. In some circumstances we may be able to deliver a puppy to you, especially if you are from abroad we offer a courier service.


Please be aware that we are really busy folks, not always free to take random telephone enquiries during the day.  

We prefer to make initial contact with you by EMAIL once ALL our routine work with the animals is complete. 

We are then very happy to discuss any finer points;  

  • by telephone at our convenience (we may be tied up cleaning, dog training, teaching etc.)
  • or even better, during your personal visit, 
  • or if you are really not able to visit us,  video calls can be arranged via Skype or WhatsApp, I can show you the pups and dogs on live video feed during our conversation.  

Remember that no animal, except humans, can help themselves,

so if I am talking to you on the phone or even in person, my own animals are not getting my much deserved attention. 


Please be patient, but we also value your persistence as I do not have a computers memory

(hence the email communication request as preference at all times).

TEXT and Whatsapp are great alternatives to telephone calls especially in bad reception areas.   

You will receive our telephone number once we have your application. 



Place your deposit NOW

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Please do NOT place a deposit until you have received 

the written go-ahead from me, that your application for a Border Colloodle has been accepted. 

The non-refundable deposit will guarantee (subject to T&C) you a suitable puppy, based on character, from the next available litter or can be transferred to any of our litters (within one year) - see Selection and Pricing page and again on our contract page (T & C)

This is a non-refundable deposit but if for some reason there is not a suitable puppy available, then we are very happy to transfer the deposit to the next litter, or if for some reason, we, the breeder, are unable to breed and offer you a puppy from a litter of suitable puppies within one calendar year, we will return your deposit, unless WE BOTH otherwise agree in writing.  

Placing a deposit basically guarantee's:- 

  • at least one suitable puppy by character, is available for you, from an agreed litter. 
  • That we will produce a puppy of suitable character for you within a 12 month period, (from the time the deposit is placed)
  • The deposit is also """subject to the 8 week old puppies character being suited to your level of canine experience and lifestyle requirements."""" 

This means, that when, I, as the Breeder, finally meets you face to face, I also have the right to say:-  

"SORRY, I believe that you are not suited to having one of my puppies"  

in which case I will gladly refund the deposit in full.

  • The deposit is taken for many reasons, 
  • to ensure you are committed to your new addition, 
  • to ensure you will not waste our time, 
  • to cover re-advertising and other costs if you do not take a puppy. 

But most important of all, our deposit and waiting list, help us base future mating decisions and resulting litters on orders placed with us well in advance.  

We bring these babies into the world based on prospective orders and enquirers. 

Help us to plan so we can produce the best possible puppies for your family. 

If you have already placed your deposit before visiting us, and on your visit, you are genuinely not happy with the welfare of our animals, we will gladly refund your deposit, provided you email us your concerns, stating clearly what you are unhappy with.  

We ask for this request in writing as we strive to do the best for our dogs and will therefore take constructive criticism to heart, and where possible, using appropriate advice from qualified professionals, we will use this to continue to improve and adapt our program accordingly.  

If you do not visit us by the time the pup is 8 weeks old, your deposit is forfeit, unless mutually agreed or changed by the breeder in writing.  (3 hours "google maps" drive or more away exemption confirmed in writing). 

The pup will then be offered to the next suitable person.

Go to the Puppy Contract page for Full Terms and Conditions.  and the Selection and Price page 

We trust that everything is crystal clear and we are all well prepared and look forward to your family joining our extended canine family.

Should you have any questions please feel free to ask us.