"SHAMWARI Family Friends" Border Colloodles are a border collie x poodle

Perfect pets for very active families

Shamwari is the Premier UK home, for this fun filled, fluffy, cuddly, 

very active and intelligent  family pet/companion.


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Collude with a colloodle!

Collude (come to a secret understanding; conspire.) with a Loyal Border colloodle?

a Border colloodle = a super new type of "designer" cross breed dog, which we are sure will appeal to a very similar market to the border collie and the poodle owners-ship, especially those people who do not need or want a purebred or registered dog of either breed.    

What is the difference - How to read a pedigree?
Or have no wish to herd sheep.

These  wonderful active family pets are also known as Bordoodle, Borderdoodle, Borderpoo but I love the name Coll-oodle

What is in a name? 

Our kennels are called "SHAMWARI" Colloodles, Shamwari means FRIENDS in the Zimbabwean Shona African Language, this is where I, Janet Beale, was born and spent the first quarter of my life.  

We endeavor to breed the best active family pets available for Pet Owners who have on the top of their list the following attributes. (no order of preference)


and above all have a very high probability of Longevity and excellent strong HEALTH 

Our selected parents are usually, KC or ISDS registered, but are always health tested for the specific diseases for their breed and a few others to boot common to all dog breeds.
You will get this information ONLY on complete submission of our application form.
The Doodles are so popular that there is now a dedicated  


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Why Mutts Are Better?

 The Bizarre Truth About Purebred Dogs (and Why Mutts Are Better)
More can be found throughout our website, with links to scientifically proven facts about Cross Breed Dogs, like the border collie x poodle puppies, also known as the Bordoodle or Borderdoodle or Colliepoo, for being healthier than the pedigree dogs. 

What to expect from the Border Colloodle and the Breeder.

  The Parents of your puppy have been carefully selected for temperament and training ability, health and their own ability to be a super pet to live with.
Most of our females are also very accomplished sheepdogs capable of herding sheep to the highest level, or they are in training to become fully fledged sheepdogs, but they also spend time in our house just being companion dogs.
Hybrid breeding (a cross between two completely unrelated animals) is the best way to reduce or even prevent disease occurrence known to breeder, this does not mean the dog could not be affected with a genetic illness or defect but the chances of this happening are greatly reduced.   

What does the Border collie x Poodle (Border Colloodle - pronounced Coll-oodle) look like?  keep scrolling down to see the photo albums. 

We have currently carried out on our bitches, where available, DNA health testing for the most life-threatening and/or expensive diseases both breeds of parents commonly have.   

We have used sires who are also tested for the common diseases within that breed.    

We will not knowingly breed from mum’s and dads who are affected by any particular disease and have therefore done as much as we currently can to prevent problems at the time of mating and until new DNA tests are is developed, we cannot do anymore to prevent disease occurring.  

You will be given a copy of the DNA and other health tests carried out on the parents when you collect your puppy.    

All our 'babies' are regularly played with and handled by us and by prospective owners, visiting children, their parents and friends.
They are born and raised in our busy household and are used to all our household noises, we even play them a CD which has all sorts of loud noises and bangs.    

When we do have puppies available, we aim to insure they go to loving and permanent homes, where the new owners have the time and commitment to train and love and care for one of our babies.    

Before the puppy leaves for its new home,  it will be vet checked,  obviously well cared for,  socialised,  house training will be been started  so has the training of good manners,  
but since it is only 8 weeks old the puppy is not fully house trained,  and it will still have much to learn

so the rest is up to YOU, the new owner, to finish the job we have started and to train these little babies.

What you do or don’t do, from the moment you collect your puppy will have a direct impact on how it turns out.  
We will supply you with a Puppy Instruction Manual which we have compiled over 30 years of breeding and rearing border collie and poodle puppies,
it has loads of answers, solutions and suggestions to common puppy/owner issues,

It is your responsibility to read this and learn with your pup the skills of living with a potential terrorist which has the brains to TRAIN you.  

So beware, if you don’t already have experience and knowledge and/or are not prepared to learn FAST, the skills of competent dog ownership and training.
Without this input from you, I can only guarantee that your new puppy will have you running rings around him, causing you grief, mayhem and frustration, just for his own enjoyment and glee.  
I am sure you want him to be vastly happy but NOT a nuisance,

But a dog is just an animal and cannot be responsible for his own actions,  
There is no perfect dog, certainly,

 you will never get close, without a lot of hard work,
(click on the blue writing to open link) 

so YOU will have to make the effort to be the teacher and parent,  show him by correct training, giving guidance and structured rules on manners and everyday life,  

but don’t forget you will be REWARDED a million times, by the company of one of the most intelligent fun loving characters in the world.

It is hoped that your pup will give you hours, days, months, years of immense enjoyment, 

love and cuddles, 

with a

SHAWARI Border Coll-oodle (Border collie cross poodle)  

your best family Friend ever.